Australians are following a negative health trend – one that is costing us our lifestyles, happiness and money. Put together by RunStopShop, the Infographic below shows the negative effect our collective attitude toward food and exercise is placing on our nation. If you think we’re healthy.. Prepare to be surprised.


So what are the reasons for this new trend? As a nation, our views towards food and exercise are deteriorating over time. Combine this with food production challenges, and our ever-increasing reliance on having sugar in our diets, and we’re left at a crossroads – do we continue in this collective mentality which is placing our nation in a dangerous position, or do we take it upon ourselves to reflect as individuals.


What starts with the individual will inevitably end there - and the positive choices made will render this person as a much happier, and healthier one. Australia is a great nation - one of sport and large scale agriculture, but the evidence below exposes us as armchair sports people - observers, not participants, and as processed food eaters.  When applied together, these are dangerous factors to our health. The below needs to act as a wake-up call to us: to encourage our fellow Aussies to reverse this trend and take back our healthy reputation in the world.  


Please read, comment and share this information with the nation.


State Of Australia's Health Infographic

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State Of Australia's Health Infographic
Run Stop Shop